Why the Curious Employee is Your Best Asset

In his blog post today, “Measuring Curiosity in Talent – The Holy Grail of Hiring and Performance Management…”, Kris Dunn, the HR Capitalist, wrote about a panel he chaired at the ERE’s Social Recruiting Summit at Best Buy’s HQ in Minneapolis. He asked the Best Buy panel a question about how they are hiring to ensure they have the right talent they need to execute their social media agenda. Robert Stephens, the founder of GeekSquad, recalled the thoughts of Marc Andreessen and identified Curiosity, Drive and Ethics as the key attributes they look for in a new employee. All great attributes but curiosity (Dunn calls it the Holy Grail) can be so powerful. Frighteningly, there are companies (I have seen plenty) that not only don’t embrace and foster curiosity they stifle it.

Don’t be one of these companies.

Curious employees can have an impact on your business because they are the people who…

o Question the status quo.
o Strive for constant improvement.
o Drive new products.
o Ask lots of questions. And listen.

Finally, curious employees are hungry for knowledge in their field (the trait Andreessen discusses at length). These are people who are self-starting knowledge-seekers, needing no extra motivation but the opportunity to simply learn more.

If you are not exploring a candidate’s curiosity characteristic in the interviewing process, you would do well to do so.


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