What I Learned this Summer, and it wasn’t Making Coffee

Nearly three months ago, I walked into the offices of HRInsights with an open mind and a shaky hand of nerves.  To be honest, the anxiety of working full-time began a week before when going over the typical intern questions in my head: What do I wear? Who’s my boss? How long is my lunch? Isn’t 8am a bit early?  After entering the welcoming doors of HRInsights that VERY EARLY morning (I am a college student, after all), I assumed I would be embarking on a typical internship- Do this….Do that.

Here I am, my last week with HRI, and I am a new, enriched pre-professional.  This weekend, at a seminar, I realized the most valuable piece of thought I will take away with me – collaboration and a fresh mind can go a long way.  The HRI team has immersed themselves into perfecting their product, and being biased was difficult to avoid. In need of a fresh look, they trusted their interns: Lizzy Rewalt and myself.  After 3 months, I know we have contributed a lot of effort and improvement to the product AND the team.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, making coffee, dropping letters to the mailbox, and filing were not apart of my internship (which can  happen a lot for a college student).  Through my internship at HRI, I challenged myself and learned the way of the road in a start-up business.  I wasn’t just an “intern,” I was a “Marketing Analyst Intern,” which may sound silly but it set the tone for the level of responsibility I had.  While our contributions were much appreciated by the team, I appreciated the amount of responsibility and leadership I was able to take on over the summer.  Being accountable for the execution of a project, the communication with a possible customer, or the administration of a sales team speaks volumes.  And I’m grateful for these experiences.

As I leave to continue my studies in Austria, I will take a mind full of knowledge, a firm hand, AND a textbook for the Global Human Resources class I will be taking (an interest that developed from working here). After all, I have invested three months in HRInsights.  It’s probably safe to say that I’m no longer unbiased.

In the words of Jack Reich, “P.S. I love HRI.”

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