HRInsights Weekly Lightbulb 03-27

This Week’s HRI “Lightbulb”  – Those Who Commute Together…

Stay together?

While some of us like the “alone time” to wake up and gather our thoughts, apparently there is now evidence that sharing a public transportation commute is good for the marital relationship.  Who would have thought?  The research conducted in Hong Kong and in the US also indicates that couples who commute in the same direction even if they travel at different times of the day also have more satisfying relationships.  Surprisingly, the researchers are dumbfounded as to why a shared commute leads to a tighter relationship, but they theorize that couples who travel together also share similar objectives and goals.  Read about it here.   HRInsights’ advice?  Don’t change your job just to share a commute with the “better half”; job satisfaction also has a more obvious link to a happy relationship.

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