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HRInsights Weekly Lightbulb 09-19

This Week’s HRI “Lightbulb”  – “Angers” Away!

Remember that a common goal of most people is to maintain the respect of their co-workers.  When people get angry, they may focus on retribution rather than this ultimate goal.   Anger is an emotion that can lead us to act before we think.   Take a few moments to look unemotionally at the situation.  That thought process alone is going to eliminate a great deal of the frustration and overreaction.

HRInsights Weekly Lightbulb 05-11

This Week’s HRI “Lightbulb”  – RESPECT

“RESPECT” means a whole bunch more to some people when it comes to effective management.  Check out Paul Marciano’s RESPECT Model. His construct is an “actionable philosophy” and an approach to leadership that “appeals to and affects employees’ beliefs, values and sense of worth”.  There are seven drivers to the ‘RESPECT Model’:  recognition, empowerment, supportive feedback, partnering, expectations, consideration and trust.  For small business leaders, HRInsights recommends taking a look!  And, forget the carrot-and-stick; it’s all about respect!