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HRInsights Weekly Lightbulb 08-22

This Week’s HRI “Lightbulb”  – When the Boss is a Screamer

Employees tend to:

  • Quit their jobs at higher rates
  • Become less competent in performing tasks
  • Experience a decrease in working memory
  • Avoid resolving conflicts, allowing them to escalate
  • Bring less creativity to their jobs
  • Speed up their work on simple, familiar tasks

When you do get angry though, be sure to point out how the problem hurts other employees and/or the company rather than yourself.

Why People Leave

Top talent leave an organization when they’re badly managed and the organization is confusing and uninspiring.

That’s the take of Erika Andersen, Contributor to Forbes, on why high performers leave their jobs.  Erika further adds that this is the same reason that all people leave jobs.  Blame is equally pointed at poor people management and a lack of company direction (shifting priorities, no set vision).

This applies to small as well as large organizations.  Simple? Yes, but not that easy to correct. If you want to keep your best people:

  1. Develop your performance management skills!  Make certain you have an appropriate performance appraisal process in place for all employees, and ensure that people know that they will be held accountable for results and rewarded accordingly.
  2. Be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish as an organization and not just in financial objectives. What’s your purpose; what do you aspire to bring to the world? What kind of a culture do you want to create in order to do that? What will the organization look, feel and sound like if you’re embodying that mission and culture? How will you measure success? And then, once you’ve clarified your hoped-for future, consistently focus on keeping that vision top of mind and working together to achieve it.

Why don’t more CEOs and Business Owners make sure these two things happen?  Tell HRInsights what you think.