More on Interns and Gen Y…

I’m a big advocate of the value of internships and Gen Y…A couple of good pieces on the the subject…

How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Interns
How to Create Your Own Summer Internship


  1. jessiex says:

    Shaun, You’re right on track with this one! I’m now working with Neil Howe, who has just published a new book called, “Millennials in the Workplace: Human Resource Strategies for a New Generation.” You’ll see your words right in front of you when you read the book. ;-)

    If you’d like to do a book review, fill out this form. (You’re what I’d consider a shoe in!) And if you doing a book review is more than you desire, you can take a quick look at this site. Look on the left-hand column and click on the 10 Tips about Millennials. Lots of easy-to-digest bits for understanding this new generation and how they’re impacting work — and the concepts of loyalty — at work.

    Rock on,

  2. Shaun says:

    Thanks, @JessieX…I’m in…All signed up and looking forward to seeing the book…

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