I got a guy.

In an effort to help with any number of situations, many of my friends will tell me that they “got a guy” who can take care of it. Whether it’s getting not easy to obtain products or special services, they all seem rather proud to have “a guy” they can recommend.  I think this might be a Chicago thing because I don’t recall it being a big deal in New England where I grew up. So, I didn’t have any “guys” when I moved to Chicago and have taken advantage of these relationships on many occasions.

Over the last 10 years, being involved with a few early stage businesses, I was often looking for someone who could help with special (free or near free) services: financial people, lawyers and, in particular, folks with HR experience. I get the basics of HR, and understand the implications of not following good HR practices, but honestly, I don’t have the patience for understanding all the intricacies. So, I needed to “get a guy”. Luckily, I found multiple quality people who could help with benefits, handbooks, pay strategies etc and could explain them in simple terms.

This idea is the essence of what we will be offering other small business when we launch HR Insights. So, if you’re looking for HR tools and expertise to help run your business, I got a guy.

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