HR As I Know It

As a contributor to the Blog, I wanted to provide you with my perspective on how I view HR management. My perspective is from both an HR professional’s view as well as a business operations management view.

Most of my experience has been as an HR leader and practitioner in a variety of organizations but I have also been in several key operational roles in my career. Those operational experiences give me a unique perspective of HR because I have had to not only follow policies and programs that I developed but also utilize those developed by other HR professionals. Therefore, my perspective when I write on this Blog will be from both the HR practitioner and the operational user’s view.

I share Jim’s opinion of the three key areas of HR management being; attracting talent, development of employees and retaining those that are key to the success of the business.

Here is a taste of how I see things:

As HR Professionals/Practitioners, I encourage you to seek to understand the business issues within your company and not to just perform the task that is being asked of you. Sometimes managers ask for specific things because they have a limited idea of how a problem might be solved.. You should never position yourself as the company police or babysitter, but rather someone who is familiar with the policies and employee programs and able to apply them to create business solutions. You may find yourself sympathetic with employees in some cases. That is good but you must always remember that you are a company representative first and foremost. You will best serve your employees by helping the business succeed and thrive.

As Business Managers/Executives, I encourage you to seek out an HR professional for perspective not permission. I assure you there are things HR people are skilled at that will surprise you.. Human resources management is the responsibility of the company’s entire management team and HR professionals are your support. Encourage the HR professional in your company to learn the business. The more they know, the better equipped they will be to give good HR perspective and advice. Every person who visits your company or interacts with your company will have an immediate impression of how well you manage your human resources.

I look forward to writing on specific topics hoping to inspire the HR in each of you.

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