Hiring “Syndromes”

Most people know that it’s easy to make a mistake and that we ALL, no matter how hard we try, will make some sort of mistake in the near future.  It’s just that some are more expensive than others.  When it comes to hiring your next employee, this becomes very apparent.  But, there are ways to prevent these mistakes.  By knowing the common traps and being able to avoid them, you can decrease the amount of hiring mistakes.

“Self-motivated, organized and timely”

  • A candidate’s personality will surely tell you a little bit about whether they are a fit for the job.  But, speaking with someone who has probably been through an interview or two recently and is anticipating your next question is certainly not objective material to base a hiring decision on.  You may use personality as a part of the process, but it most certainly cannot solely be used to make a decision

“This person seems to be very similar to myself – You’re Hired!”

  • This is very relevant considering the last point – This may work if you are hiring someone as a replacement for yourself (even then, it’s not always the best choice).  Getting carried away by the individual personality or charisma rather than the actual competency and skill fitment will end up leading to a wrong hiring decision.

“So you really love data entry? You’re hired and have already acquired one of my responsibilities!”

  • A little obvious, but hiring someone to do your dirty work will not last very long (and you probably won’t either).

“Your Mother (my colleague) gave a great recommendation for you…”

  • There is more to this point than just hiring based on a recommendation.  Some companies hire much of their workforce through recommendations, but the key is to screen these recommendations heavily.  Sure, there will be many qualified candidates, but the key is to find that out for yourself.  If you can create a solid recommendation system with reliable screening, then this practice becomes valid.  If not, you are opening the door to unverified information.

“But I need someone NOW.”

  • Again, this relates to the last point in that if you don’t take the time to screen your candidates because you need to get someone onto your team now, you increase the risk of making a bad decision.  Although this is an understandable mistake, if you take the time to make the right hire, you will save future time by not having to go through the hiring process again and again.

These are just a few of the blunders that you can make – though many are understandable, they are all avoidable.  With a little extra time – you will be saving much time in the future.  For more information regarding “Hiring Within the Law” sign up HERE for HRInsights’ Free Webinar on September 15 @ 12pm CDT.

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