Last week, a technician came to the house to fix some problems we were having with our ATT U-verse service. My mother-in-law met the tech and he made a nice comment about our home and asked what her son-in-law did for a living to have such a nice house. She responded kindly, but why automatically ask about the guy’s profession? The son-in-law is an entrepreneur who would gladly work for nothing to follow a big idea. The daughter is an accomplished executive. As we enter 2010, it is still baffling to me that the technician wouldn’t have considered the female of the house as a major breadwinner.  I understand that strides have been made but we haven’t come far enough. Women are still the co-signer, co-applicant, and secondary account holder. My daughter will be attending a summer camp and we were filling out the application the other day. As my wife filled it out, they asked to place the husband’s name first in providing contact info for the parents. Why? Of course, women are still struggling to be considered equally to men in the workplace. In today’s paper, it was noted that no women reside on the writing staffs of Leno, Letterman or O’Brien.  Really? One of the funniest people around today is Tina Fey.  Are there no funny female writers in the market or is there something else going on? Too many businesses are still dominated by a bunch of white guys. As a business owner or manager, do yourself and your business right by extending your job searches to include a good mix of individuals. You’ll do well by adding a “woman’s touch”.


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