A Call to Action for HR Leaders, Hire!

It may be counter-intuitive in tough and challenging times, but businesses need to be proactive in creating meaningful new jobs.  Growth will not come from an attitude of cutting costs or neglect of our labor forces’ needs.

With pressures on all leaders to produce profits and conserve cash, those responsible for management of your greatest asset, people, must be vocal in proactively demonstrating the value and impact that comes from new resources and investing in development.  Every new hire can bring fresh eyes, new capability, and, especially, renewed positive energy to an organization.

It is the responsibility of all those tasked with “human resources” to not only manage their functional requirements, but to provide insights that fuel business results and growth.  Don’t wait for the need to downsize.  Proactively replace those that no longer contribute, encourage positive attitude in the organization and promote new opportunities for growth with new hires.

Adapt to competition and new opportunity by demonstrating how adding new capability through fresh resources can deliver positive growth results.  Seek new energy – our friends at the magis group have an interesting opinion on this too.

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