It Takes Guts!

I almost choked on my Jambalaya dinner when New Orleans coach Sean Payton made the call to go for it on 4th down in the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl.  I jumped and exclaimed, “WOW, that takes guts!”  I thought he was crazy.  And then, Payton opened up the 2nd half with an on-side kick!  It was confirmed, he is crazy…but I quickly realized he had come to the Super Bowl to win.

Do you have a work environment that encourages people to demonstrate courage?  Do you exhibit courage in your own job?  I am not just talking about the HR person.  This is meant for the entire management team, straight up to the top.  Here are a few acts of courage that don’t require anything but guts!

  • Speak up at meetings when you don’t understand what was being said?  It takes guts!
  • Tell your boss (respectfully) that you disagree and why?  It takes guts!
  • Ask your employees what they like and dislike about their jobs or work environment AND listen?  It takes guts!
  • Be honest when communicating with employees and don’t distance yourself from the company if you have to deliver bad news – you are “management”.  It takes guts!
  • Offer suggestions instead of complaining?  It takes guts!

We can choose to sit and play the same game plan over and over, every day, OR we can do something out of the ordinary, something different, something spectacular…it just takes guts!

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